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Chord 12m Male To Female Xlr 190.083UK - DJ Shop
Chord Chord BMS01 Boom Microphone Stand 180.062UK - DJ Shop
Save 14%
Chord Chord NU1 Handheld UHF System 864.1M CHORDNU1RADIOMIC - DJ Shop
Save 23%
Chord Chord NU1 Neck/lapel UHF System 863.1M CHORDNU1LAPELRADIOMIC - DJ Shop
Save 22%
Chord Chord NU20 Dual UHF Wireless Microphone Systems 171.924UK - DJ Shop
Save 7%
Chord Chord NU4 Quad UHF Wireless Microphone System 171.843 - DJ Shop
Chord Chord Passive Direct Injection Box 173.292UK - DJ Shop
Chord Chord Stackable Microphone Stand 180.036UK - DJ Shop
Chord Chord XLR Female To XLR Male 3m mic cable 190.096UK - DJ Shop
Chord Jack To Xlr Male 3m 190.049UK - DJ Shop
Chord SU20 Compact Dual UHF Microphone Sets 171.908UK - DJ Shop