New from Rane? Is this the Rane Performer?

Watch NFL? Did you watch the Superbowl? Did you see screenshots and grabs of what looked like a new Rane controller? 4 channels, rotating platters, and a whole load of other buttons and switches..... Oooooooh!

THIS IMAGE has appeared on social media this week, and it looks legit to us!

Is this the new Rane Performer

Have Rane built a controller with motorized platters? They have the technology and know how from their Numark stable with the NS7 and that was insanely popular. Could the same technology with a Rane badge be even more popular and appealing?

Let us know your thoughts on what some are calling the "Rane Performer" - real or not real? Would you biy or dodge? We think it looks sweet, and if real it'll be killer!


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