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FINALLY - 4 channel faders and motorized platters, the Rane Performer IS HERE and it looks absolutely awesome! Checkout this quick performance vid!

"The Rane Performer is designed for skillful showcasing and creative mixing, the PERFORMER is a 4-channel motorized DJ controller featuring RANE’s industrial build quality and legacy sound. High-torque motorized platters, enhanced stems control abilities, a MAG FOUR crossfader, and 4 PRECISION FEEL volume faders make this controller an exceptional choice for performance-focused professionals"

Key features of the RANE PERFORMER DJ controller:

🎚️ High-torque motorized platters for an authentic vinyl feel

🎚️ Advanced stems control abilities including RANE's exclusive STEM-SPLIT

🎚️ 29 internal MAIN FX, 4 Channel FX, and access to Serato DJ FX

🎚️ MAG FOUR crossfader for precise cuts and blends

🎚️ 4 PRECISION FEEL adjustable volume faders

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