Yodn MSD 230R7 Lamp


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Yodn MSD 230R7 Lamp


- Compatible with: Chauvet Legend 230SR Beam, Chauvet Rogue R2 Beam and Showtec Infinity iB-5R
- Long and reliable lifetime (2,500 hours)
- Slow light fading
- Perfect optical system with maximum light output


- Lamp wattage: 230W
- Arc Gap: typ. 1.1mm
- Lumen output: 8,400lm
- Colour temperature: 8000K
- CRI: 73
- Average lamp life: 2,500 hours
- Lamp voltage: 75V
- WD: 34.5mm
- Ballast output wattage: 230W
- Ballast dimensions: 135 x 50 x 30mm
- Lamp dimensions: 61 x 51 x 51mm

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