Vonyx WM82C Digital Wireless Bodypack & Handheld twin set

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WM82C Digital Wireless bodypack and handheld combi pack

Digital twin microphone set - 1 x handheld and 1 x bodypack

2-channel fixed frequency UHF wireless microphone systems, including handheld microphone and bodypack transmitter with headset microphone. Ideal for systems requiring the freedom of two independent wireless microphones at an economical price. A range of 50m or more is obtainable in ideal conditions. Ideal for those who need to move around and those wanting to get rid of leads.

  • Compact UHF receiver with handheld microphone and bodypack
  • Dual receiver with blue display
  • Each channel has volume control
  • Transmitters with blue display showing the frequency and battery low indication
  • 2x balanced XLR outputs and a single mix unbalanced 6.3mm output
  • Supplied in robust plastic carrying case


Brand Vonyx
Output connections 6.3mm Jack, XLR (3-pin)
Dynamic range >85dB
Frequency handheld microphone 863.100 MHz
Frequency headset (bodypack) 864.500 MHz
Frequency response 30Hz - 20.000Hz
RF output <10mW
Signal-to-noise ratio >96dB
THD <0.5%
Batteries 3V (2x AA)
Power supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz (12V Adapter)
Dimensions: Receiver 176 x 130 x 42mm
Dimensions: Microphone 51 x 240mm
Dimensions: Body pack 100 x 65 x 25mm
Weight 1.75
Weight: Receiver 0.3
Weight: Microphone 0.2
Weight: Bodypack 0.1

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