Neo/Oyaide D+ Class B DJ Box Set


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The Neo/Oyaide D+ Class B DJ Box Set

The Neo/Oyaide D+ Class B DJ Box Set is perfect for Scratch, digital vinyl and DVS DJs. Any DJ carrying an audio interface should consider this high quality, professional cable package from Oyaide. All containted in a hard shell carry case, this set offers 1 USB cable and 2 x stereo RCA cables meaning you are all set and ready to go with 2 channels in one easy to carry bag.

This set contains :

1x D+ Class B USB 1M
2x D+ Class B RCA 1M
1x D+ Carry Case

The Neo/Oyaide D+ Class B RCA Cable have been specially designed by using feedback from DJs, Artist and clubs to provide the best sound quality possible. The D+ RCA Cables provides you with smooth stereoscopic sound, that reduces distortion and also prevents signal loss due to the cables brilliant electric properties. In addition, its hi-definition playback property, helps for making a good quality file recording for vinyl sound capturing.

In addition to this the innovative flat cable design, makes a stylish addition to your set up along with the reduced risk of tangles and kinks in the cable due to the design.

The D+ RCA series improves the sound quality of any DJ set up and provides high performance for live sets and sound production.

The Neo d+ Class B USB cable is one of the highest quality data transfer cables around. Used around the globe by some of the biggest DJ´s and sound engineers, the Neo d+ class B is taking data transfer to the next level!!

Nowadays, the soundsystem based on the PC have become a standard not only for music production but also for the DJ performance. In addition, due to the new genre called "PC Audio", the USB technology is getting much attention of audiophiles.
We regard the core of the digital audio system as the AD/DA converter of an audio interface and its transmission cable most of which is the choice of USB or Fire Wire (IEEE1394a).

"d+USB series" is the high quality USB cable for the next-gen sound tools such as digital DJ gears which is boosting its share in the scene, USB audio I/O and USB DAC. Under the digital audio environment, it provides all users beyond the wall between artists and listeners the direct sound reproduction.

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