Seetronic Power Twist TR1 IP65 Female SAC3FX(05)


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Seetronic Power Twist TR1 IP65 Male SAC3MX(05)

A rugged waterproof power connector commonly used in the event and rental industry. The locking connector provides an IP65 rated connection when mated with the matching connector.


- Manufacturers part code: SAC3FX
- Female type for power in to fixtures
- Used for electrical power connections including outdoor applications
- IP65 rated when mated with matching connectors
- Fast and easy locking system
- Lockable three-core device (AC) connector with contacts for line, neutral, and pre-mated safety grounding


- High current capacity: 16A/250V AC VDE (20A/300V AC UL)
- Outer cable diameter: 7-11mm
- Cable conductor size: 1.5-2.5mm²
- UL498&UL50E Certification No.: E356932
- VDE Certification No.: 40044166

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