Multiform Intucon LC400H2/F2 Preset Controller Set


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Multiform Intucon LC400H2/F2 Preset Controller Set

Table top DMX controller and foot switch package, ideal for DJs, Entertainers and performers

NOTE - Only compatible with other Multiform lighting fixtures (Pars and Bars)

The INTUCON™-LC400 lighting control system consists of a compact desktop control unit with mic stand mounting clamp, and a sturdy metal remote foot controller for hands-free operation. It allows any performer to effortlessly and automatically control impressive light shows without any knowledge of DMX programming.

The easy-to-use, pre-programmed operation offers highly diversified light chases which can interact with strobes, all-on lights, or black outs to add dramatic effects instantly or cater for different moods. There are over 30 chases to choose from via backlit, on-the-fly, real-time controls.

Tap Tempo and Audio Input options can sync lights to the music beat, while Colour Fade and Cycle modes provide the illusion of having a lighting professional at the controls, keeping the show fresh by cycling through various programs.

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