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With this confetti gun, you’re aiming for an incredible experience. Load this 3-channel confetti gun with Electric Streamer or Confetti Cannons for single or multiple shots. The MagicFX Confetti Gun is designed to battle the dull and drab, and will liven up any humdrum event.
Using the confetti gun
When used correctly, this gun is a powerful weapon that will make the crowd go wild. Of course, we strongly advise against aiming this gun directly at your guests or audience. Load the gun with as many as three Electric Cannons, connect it to the mains via the powerCON cable, and you're set to go. Give the Magic FX to your DJ, MC or dancer(s), and party the night away!
Features of the confetti gun
This professional confetti gun also features a built-in rechargeable battery that will last up to twelve hours in stand-by mode so you can move about freely on stage. You can choose whether to fire three single shots or a multiple shot, releasing all three canons in one go. Of course, you can always reload in between shots. Use the built-in laser to make sure you're not aiming the gun at anyone, and to safely fire the confetti above your audience. Since 80cm cannons could give too much recoil, Magic FX recommends you only use 40cm cannons for this model.

Manual control (battery inside)
LED battery level indicator on board
Single shot or Multiple shot
Built-in laser
Electric cannon (50cm) or Electric cannon PRO (80cm)
Easy to handle, incl. shoulder belt

Product code MFX0370
Box quantity 1
Size (LxWxH) 10.7x5.5x10.4
Weight (KG) 0
Power Battery
Channels 3
Consumption MAGICFX® Electric cannons
Warranty 3 YEARS !

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