Pioneer DJ DM-40D-BT monitor speaker with bluetooth

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Pioneer DJ DM-40D monitor speaker with bluetooth

DM-40D 4 inch desktop monitor system with wireless bluetooth for streaming from your portable device

The 4-inch DM-40D-BT desktop monitor system produces powerful, high-quality sound. Sold in pairs and available in black or white, the speakers offer Bluetooth connectivity, multiple inputs, and a 2-way sound mode for easily switching from DJ to Production mode.

The DM-40D-BT speakers form a brand-new easy-to-use 4-inch desktop monitor system. Sold in pairs, these speakers enable users to enjoy high-quality, powerful sound and to change from DJ mode to Production mode at the fl ip of a switch, with DSP settings automatically optimized for the chosen application. They also feature Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless playback of high-quality audio from mobile devices.

Thanks to the 2-way sound mode, there’s no need to own different sets of speakers for DJing and making music, or to choose a set that’s more suited to one task. The DM-40D-BT system is perfect for both. 

The DM-40D-BT signifi cantly improves on the DM-40 thanks to its advanced design for high-quality sound, plus its refi ned components, including the Class D amplifi er. It also features the handy 2-way sound mode for DJs/producers and the option to connect devices via Bluetooth

• Advanced design for high-quality sound The speakers are loaded with fresh components including a Class D amplifi er with 96 kHz sampling DSP, updated DECO convex diffusers, and a new 4-inch woofer that’s perfectly aligned with the tweeter. This enables them to produce pure, balanced bass sound, crystalclear high frequencies, and plenty of power when it’s needed.

• 2-way sound mode With a fl ip of a single switch, the speakers change from DJ mode to Production mode, with DSP settings automatically optimizing for the chosen task. • Multiple inputs All kinds of DJ and production gear can be connected to the RCA and mini jack input terminals.

• Bluetooth connectivity It’s easy to pair mobile devices to the speakers for wireless playback of high-quality audio.

• Easy to use The headphones socket and level knob are easily found on the front panel, so there’s no need to reach around the back.

• Smart design, available in black or white With a slick, professional look, the speakers can be matched with classic DJ gear or the interior design of a room thanks to the choice of black or white models

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