The DJbox team is changing...... DJ Shop

The Djbox team is changing……

At the start of November when I sat down with Seamus I had a feeling we had reached a day I had always felt was inevitable…… with his bootcamps getting busier, his PT business growing and his music producing career taking off, it was unfortunately time for us to discuss his future at Djbox. With a New Year looming it was agreed that a new year and a fresh new start worked for us all, and so it was agreed that from the end of the year Seamus would sadly leave Djbox to focus on his own projects. Following on from almost 3 years of good times, helping countless customers and the occasional bit of hard work, Seamus time with Djbox will come to end on December 23rd.

Firstly, I cannot thank Seamus enough for his work over the past 3 years. I feel very fortunate to have had him here at Djbox, and to have had him as a part of our team. I have known Seamus for quite a while now (since his mother used to bring him into our first shop in Courthouse Square, and he was still in his school uniform) and although he is still only 21 there is no denying his talent and drive. When we talked and he said he wanted to focus on SD Fitness and music I was obviously disappointed but not surprised. He is incredibly talented and motivated, and I always felt he would end up “doing his own thing” and so it has come to be. Myself, Sean and the people here wish him nothing but health and success as he starts out along his own entrepreneurial journey, and he does so with our full support and best wishes.

So to his replacement, who will have serious work to do to fill the Moose boots…… we have made an agreement with a new staff member, we are hoping to sign them in the January transfer window, and once done we will share that news with you all.

For now, thank you Seamus, and Good Luck!