Do you know about the IEC socket fuse? DJ Shop

Over the weekend we had a call from a customer whose machine was "dead". They had checked all the fuses, tried a different IEC cable and the machine was dead. "Have you tired the IEC fuse" - and silence!

IEC Socket fuse

This is the offender, the little known IEC socket fuse, tucked away inside where you plug your machine in. Little known but has saved our clients a number of times over the years. using a small flat head screw driver (alternative are available I am sure) ease out the fuse holder. In the small black U (closest to the socket in the image above) there is a small glass fuse. More often than not in the small black square there is then a spare replacement fuse to save the day! Remove the fuse and check it, there is a small wire through the centre of it, if this wire is broken or black, then swop out the fuse.

Glass fuse

Now we don't guarantee that this wil fix every issue, but over the years it has fixed quite a number. The look on peoples faces when they call into the shop and we pop open this fuse is usually one of "Huh, where'd that come from", even from guys who have been out on the road many years!

So there you have it, no power? Make sure to check the glass fuse in the IEC socket too, and if replacing replace with one of the same spec. 

Be safe and stay well.

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