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"The name AlphaTheta directly refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in optimal performance"

Alpha Theta Pioneer DJ new DJ brand

Alpha Theta corporation, owners of the Pioneer DJ Brand have this morning announced a NEW DJ Brand - Alpha Theta. As well as Pioneer DJ Alpha Theta will now offer their own range of new DJ Products under the new Alpha Theat brand.

As a retailer it is always exicitng when a new brand enters the market! The chnace to see new hardware, new technologies and new ideas is something we should all embrace and welcome, and we are looking forward to seeing what the team at Alpha Theta produce!

On their social channels this morning AlphaTheta/Pioneer DJ Global said this:

New beginnings – One Through Music.
Since the introduction of the CDJ-500 in 1994, Pioneer DJ has built a strong legacy of state-of-the-art products for professional DJs and a pathway for those beginning their DJ journey.
As AlphaTheta Corporation; the designer and developer of products under the name Pioneer DJ, we’re pleased to announce new products under the brand AlphaTheta.
The name AlphaTheta directly refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in optimal performance. Our aim is to use our innovative technologies in sound and music creation to enable and enrich these peak moments.
Central to our mission is our collaborative relationships with a worldwide network of DJs, artists, and creators who’ve helped shape our products. We’re indebted to this community, and we look forward to deepening our relationship with all our industry partners.
AlphaTheta embraces diversity and inclusion, and celebrates the playfulness of DJing and producing music. We look forward to growing alongside you, the community who are connected by a passion for music and its culture.
Together, all of this helps to form our guiding principles as we move forward.
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