Beatty Brothers with ADJ Lighting were delighted to welcome the Beatty Brothers into our Tallaght shop and Lighting Showroom in recent weeks. Insanely busy and popular, the Beatty Brothers (Wayne and Barry) offer a wide range of live performance services including DJ, Sax, Singing and plenty more. Well respected and sought after, we were delighted at the opportunity to help them.

Having discussed their lighting needs and aspirations, and looking at various options the main concern was ease of use. The system had to be easy to program but more importantly to operate during their shows. With saxophones, DJs, singers and so much more going on complicated DMX desks with lots of faders and knobs just weren’t an option. We demonstrated the powerful ADJ Airstream DMX that we use to run our lighting showroom and it was instantly the go to solution. Next came the lights…. compact, portable, reliable, and effective! So again we set about a series of product demonstrations and we then set on a cracking system that ticks all of the guys boxes!

A pair of ADJ pocket pro lights offer the shows moving effects. Compact but very bight these moving head integrate quickly and easily with the Airstream Bridge allowing easy programming. We have these store in an ADJ F4 bag for safe and easy transportation. Next was personalisation/branding. This is where we were able to offer great value to the client. The ADJ Ikon Profile offers a number of features and uses including breakout gobo projection, standard gobo projection and of course custom gobo projection. A high output LED with features such as zoom and focus offer a quality projection for the Beatty Brothers and their clients.

Beatty Brothers Gobo
Beatty Brothers Custom gobo projection

We finished out the show with an Equinox booth, cables and some other accessories to ensure there is a professional finished presentation to mirror the new lighting setup. We are very proud and pleased to have been able to help Wayne and Barry with their additional lighting and we look forward to supporting them for many years to come.

Thanks for the business guys and keep rocking!