Denon DJ SC6000M Prime Media Player

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Vinyl Turntablism Excellence Meets Digital Performance Power!
It’s a dream turned reality for DJ’s that long for that real, legacy vinyl turntablist experience but with the power of digital music
playback and hardware performance. Fully standalone, and without the need for a DVS mode laptop, this ‘hands-on’ DJ
vinyl experience is brought to life with the SC6000M PRIME. Powered by ENGINE OS, it features a 10.1-inch touchscreen,
Wi-Fi streaming, an internal HDD drive bay, large 8.5-inch motorised-platter with torque adjustment plus performance pads
with sophisticated design illumination. With this comprehensive arsenal of creative tools, the SC6000M raises the bar for
mainstage-ready turntablist technology. Accept no imitations, be your creative best and embrace the future with the SC6000M

True Legacy Vinyl Experience
The SC6000M’s solid 8.5-inch aluminium motorised platter featuring a ‘quick-release’ slipmat and newly designed DJ vinyl,
ensures DJ/Turntablists have that ‘true, mechanical spin’ beneath their fingertips. The uniquely engineered, brushless DC
electric motor fuses an ergonomic inset design for easy breaking with a light/heavy torque range adjustment, for fine-tuning the
high-resolution platter response to a scratch DJ’s exact performance needs.
Advanced Touchscreen Digital Workflow
The SC6000M PRIME features a stunning, high-definition 10.1-inch touchscreen with gesture support - the industry’s largest
and most advanced multi-touch DJ workflow display. Navigate, search and load extensive music libraries and even edit track
lists on the fly with ‘on-board’ crate management. Gesture manipulate large waveforms and scrub through overviews, while
visualising essential DJ workflow info. In addition, the SC6000M
can execute internal analysis of previously unanalysed music
files including Rekordbox collections, hot-cues and loops), all directly within the unit itself - just ‘plug in & play out!’

Harmonic Mixing PerfectionThe SC6000M’s on-board musical key-shift and instant match feature enables beautifully harmonic DJ sets to be performedeffortlessly. Creating perfectly matched sonic textures with just the touch of a finger couldn’t be any simpler. Song/trackmusical keys can also be viewed in Camelot or traditional modes– whatever suits your workflow!Performance PadsSC6000M PRIME features rubber button, ultra-responsive tactile-feel trigger pads for liberated performance & mix capability.Chop, remix and reinterpret your music collection via standalone Hot-Cue, Loop, Roll and Slicer controls, and take your mix toan entirely new dimension. Never miss a beat thanks to sophisticated design illumination for optimal club visibility.No Limits MediaHowever your music collection is stored, the SC6000M guarantees to handle all digital music libraries and enable seamlessDJ hand-offs with 3 x USB and 1 x SD media inputs; even large terabyte music collections are catered for courtesy of theSC6000M’s built-in internal 2.5-inch HDD bay. Only one player in a connected system actually needs the HDD and all othernetwork connected units will read from this source. Once a media source is inserted, the SC6000M remembers any previouslyentered DJ preferences including previously performed track cue points, loop regions, playback history, preparation folders andof course any live, on-the-fly, track analysis.Best in Class TimestretchOpen Format, cross-BPM DJing perfection! With the SC6000M, experience artifact free, sonically perfect audio reproduction,for pitch-locked, extreme track tempo changes courtesy of ENGINE OS’ class leading real-time time-stretch algorithm.Dual LayersTaking your mix to new unchartered heights has never been simpler thanks to the SC6000M’s dual-deck playback facility.With dedicated (digital and analogue) outputs for each layer, the SC6000M provides innovative tools via advanced routingcapabilities, being literally ‘2-decks-in-1’ and all standalone without the need for a computer.Control Serato DJ ProThe SC6000M PRIME brings advanced control of Serato DJ Pro. This enables touchscreen navigation and flexible hardwarecontrol of all Serato DJ Pro FX, filter and performance features*.ENGINE PRIME Librarian SoftwareENGINE PRIME is Denon DJ’s powerful Music Analysis and Management software that helps you organise, categorise andimport your music, either fully integrated from Rekordbox™, iTunes, Serato and NI Traktor collections (including hot cues andloop info) or via drag ‘n drop from existing music folders. This enables offline music performance attributes such as hot-cuesand loop regions (both of which can be named and coloured individually) to be entered manually or on-the–fly, plus beatgridediting and track auditioning too. Your music collection is then easily and quickly exported to either USB, SD or HDD forcreative standalone performance on the SC6000M PRIME.ENGINE ConnectFor the ultimate setup, connect up to four SC6000M units via the 5-port LAN to Denon DJ’s X1850 technologically-advanced4-channel digital mixer. Instantly, currently playing track tempo data is shared - for total control over the X1850’s 16 tempo-based FX - and ultra-fast music transfer across the network is enabled. In addition, via the networked SC6000M players, theX1850 mixer uses its StagelinQ connection to control AV, video and lighting effects, working seamlessly with SoundSwitch,Resolume and Timecode software.

Professional DJ Media Player with 8.5-inch Motorised Platter and 10.1-inch Touchscreen

Flagship standalone professional DJ media
player powered by ENGINE OS

8.5-inch motorised-platter with torque

New vinyl design with quick release lock

Motor spin on/off control

HD 10.1-inch touchscreen

Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity
for music streaming

Responsive rubber button performance pads
with sophisticated design illumination

Built-in internal HDD drive bay to store music

Locking IEC connector for secured power

Standalone Track Preview

Serato DJ Pro controller mode *

Best-in-class timestretch and musical key
change/sync algorithms

Internal, on-board analysis of music files
(including Rekordbox™ collections)

Dual-layer playback with independent
analogue/digital outs

StagelinQ connection for Event/Pro DJ lighting
and video control

Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC,

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