The social media blackout..... but we were still working! DJ Shop

Good morning.... so yesterday was an interesting day, with the temporary shut down of a number of social media platforms. Djbox are connected to our customers via all of the platforms that experienced a service outage, and thankfully we are connected to more.

Right now if you visit the DJbox website and click the "Chat" icon you are offered 8 different ways to contact us. This allows users to contact contact us how they want, via the method they prefer, and it even includes phone and SMS. Options provided are: Phone, SMS, WhatsApp, messenger, Email, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. So last night when Facebook had a brain fart, OVER 50% of our contact methods were still live! This is something that is done intentionally and planned for.

Where possible Djbox work with ⭐️Stephen and Snazzy designs to build in redundancy and options. We work hard to deliver a great experience, and to make ourselves accessible. Thankfully we do not have all of our "eggs in one basket". I'm incredibly proud of the work we do, and I'm even prouder when I see our customers still being able to contact us during events like last nights. We were still able to offer service and support as needed!

We are where you need us, we work harder for your business. Contact us, how you want, when you want, and let us help you. We call this #DoingTheThings

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