What are the most popular synthesizer brands in each country, and more specifically, which is the most popular syunthesizer brand in Ireland? The guys over at Wood and Fire Studios in Aachen recently took the time to analyze Google search histories.... and the results are in!

As we have grown and evolved as a business, and as DJs have alo become music creatrs and producers we have found ourselves stocking more and more studio hardware, and new and exciting brands. These include Arturia, Roland, Presonus, Akai and others.... so which brand is the most searched in Ireland - and how was the data analyzed?

Wood and Fire studios tell us:

"We analyzed the Google searches for the 6 most popular synthesizer brands in 118 countries and evaluated the results. The findings are very interesting and show that people are generally interested in brands from their own country"

Here is a visual representation of their findings - a global map:

Which synthesisers are the most popular in Ireland?


What do the results show for Ireland - the top 2 brands are surprising and not surprising all in one go..... and only one of our own team here managed to guess right!

#1 - Atruria

#2 - Behringer

No Roland, Korg. Moog or any of the brands that we honestly expected to see here, but we were delighted to see Arturia listed in the no1 spot! Wood and fire note:

Arturia is also the most popular brand in its home market of France. It is even searched for more than Behringer in Germany. The company is also very successful in the UK, where it dominates Google searches.

As the Irish stockists for Arturia we are pleased and excisted to see the brand take the numbr 1 spot here. We are constnatly growing the range we stock and offer in Djbox and this futher confirms our belief that Arturia is truly a global brand with hige appeal!

For the FULL REPORT click here - and please contact us with any of yuor Arturia enquiries.