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American Audio CPX 12A

EX VAT: €243.09


CPX 12A 2-way active speaker with 12 inch woofer,features class D amp, time aligned crossover, M8 rigging points, heavy duty steel front grill, 500 watt built-in bi amplifier, ergonomic handles, Power and clip LED indicators, XLR and RCA inputs, XLR and TRS throughputs, clipping and thermal protection. From American DJ.

- 2-way Speaker with High Efficiency Class D Amplifier.
- 500W Built-in Bi-amplifier
- Time Aligned Electronic Crossover
- 5 M8 Rigging points
- Stand Mountable
- Heavy Duty steel grill
- Ergonomic handles
- Power and Clip LED Indicators
- XLR and RCA inputs
- XLR and TRS throughputs
- Clipping and Thermal Protection

- S/N Ratio: Line
00dB, Mic 80dB
- Frequency Response: 30 Hz – 18 kHz
- Nominal Coverage: 90º x 60º
- Low Frequency:  12" (312mm), 2.5" (65mm) Voice Coil
- High Frequency: 34mm Voice Coil, 1"(25mm) Throat
- Input Sensitivity: 0.5V
- Output Sensitivity: 94dB(1m/1w¬¬)
- Max. SPL: 114dB
- Balanced Input Impedance: Line 20KΩ, Mic 3.6KΩ
- Unbalanced Input Impedance: Line 10KΩ, Mic 1.8KΩ

- Low Pass: 2nd order filter 2.7KHz
- Low Cut: 2nd order filter 30Hz

Channel Equalizer:
- Bass: 100Hz +/- 12dB
- Treble: 10KHz +/- 12dB

- Multi Voltage Switch: AC 115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 378 x 360 x 580mm
- Weight: 21.4 kg.