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Alesis USB-MIDI CABLE AudioLink Series MIDI-to-USB Cable

EX VAT: €26.02


The missing link between MIDI instruments and your computer.

The USB MIDI Cable makes it easy to connect any MIDI instrument to your Mac or PC via USB.

The AudioLink Series USB cable receives and outputs MIDI signal thanks to its internal interface. The USB-MIDI Cable connects plug-and-play to your Mac or PC for an all-in-one USB-MIDI solution.

Key features

Control virtually any MIDI-compliant software
Turn any device with MIDI output into a USB-MIDI controller
Plug-and-play, class-compliant USB for Mac and PC
Works with iPad via Apple USB Adaptor (sold separately)
6-foot length (1.8 meter)
Compatible with most Mac and Windows class-compliant drivers and software

System Requirements
Mac: OS X 10.1 or later
PC: Windows XP or Vista
USB port