RCF Art 712-A MK4 Active 2 way speaker

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RCF Art 712-A MK4 Active 2 way speaker

You need to amplify some speech, recorded music and finish the show with a live set? ART 712-A is the answer: a multi purpose speaker that represents the best choice for situations in which a full frequency range with punchy bass and high definition is needed. The ART 712-A is a very versatile speaker that can be easily used also for monitoring applications.


1400 W Peak, 700 W RMS digital amplifier
129 dB max spl
90 x 60, Wide dispersion constant directivity horn
12" woofer, high power 3" voice coil
1" HF driver, Mylar dome, 1.75" voice coil
DSP Processing

Detailed Specifications HERE

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