Laserworld GS-200RG MOVE V2

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Laserworld GS-200RG MOVE V2

The Laserworld GS-200RG move is a red-green effect laser with moving light points for indoor and outdoor areas. Hundreds of fine, well-visible laser beams move through the room, illuminating trees, plants and buildings in a wide viewing angle or putting every party in the spotlight, for example on Halloween, at Christmas or for carnival / carnival missions. The Laserworld GS-200RG move has a sturdy and IP67 waterproof aluminum housing, making it ideal for effective lighting in gardens, ponds and pools, balconies and the entire outdoor area

Red: 100mW / 650nm
Green: 30mW / 532nm
Laser source: diode / DPSS
Beam data 3mm / 1.2mrad
Diffraction Grating: 90 °
Automatic mode.

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