Laserworld EL-100RG MICRO IR


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Laserworld EL-100RG MICRO IR

The Laserworld EL-100RG Micro IR is a star effect laser with a total output power of up to 100mW.

The red diode laser module with a wavelength of 650nm and the green DPSS laser module with an wavelength of 532nm ensure beautiful und bright laser effects. The projector has good beam specifications with a beam diameter of about 3mm, a beam divergence of about 1.5mrad and due to a rotating grating wheel, a wide deflection angle of up to 90°. The sound-to-light and the stand-alone mode can be switched. Sensitivity, strobe effect and effect speed can be adjusted on the rear side of the unit. The device can be used with fog to fill the room with hundreds of small laserbeams or without fog to see countless small dots on the sourrounding surface.

A special feature of the EL-100RG Micro IR is the option to control the device remote with a handy remote control unit, which is included in the delivery. The remote control unit can be used to adapt the motion speed, to choose the strobe effect, the colors or to switch between the stand-alone or sound-to-light modes.

The Laserworld EL-100RG Micro IR is a very compact bicolor star effect laser for first-time and hobby user and it is often used for smaller rooms and locations as well as at private parties and for home use.


Total Power typical: 100mW
Minimum output power: 70mW
Power Red: >60mW / 650nm
Power Green: >10mW / 532nm
Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm / 1.5mrad
Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser
Laser Class: 3b
Operation Modes: Stand-Alone, Sound-to-Light
Scanner: Rotating diffraction grating wheel
Scan Angle max.: 90°
Basic Patterns: Strobe- and Star-Effects
Accessories: Power supply, IR remote control, small tripod, manual
Power Supply: 100 - 250V AC
Power Consumption: 20 W
Dimensions: 117/93/52 mm
Weight: 0.7kg

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