Denon DJ SC6000M, LC6000 & X1850 4 deck club pack


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Denon DJ 2 x SC6000M (Motorised), 2 x LC6000 & 1 x X1850 mixer complete 4 deck club package

A 4 Deck ready to rock  #PrimeTime Denon DJ package from and Denon DJ. The 4 deck system is made up of 2 x SC6000M Motorised platter players, a pair of LC6000 performance expansion controllers and an X1850 mixer at the heart of the setup loaded up with high quality FX and other things to help you shape your mix. See below for indivudal product specs and info.

Denon LC6000 Prime

Performance expansion controller

  • Dedicated sub-layer control for SC6000, SC6000M, SC5000, SC5000M PRIME Media Players
  • DJ Controller for compatible applications: Virtual DJ, Algoriddim djay Pro AI & Serato DJ Pro
  • Familiar look and feel from Denon DJ’s flagship SC6000 Media Player
  • 8.5” jog wheel with tension adjust
  • HD colour jog wheel display
  • (8) Multi-function performance pads
  • Dedicated loop control
  • Dedicated navigation control
  • 100mm dual-precision pitch fader
  • Pitch Bend buttons
  • Track search touch strip
  • USB Powered, plug & play


Inheriting the same DNA from the ultimate club experience SC6000 PRIME, the Denon DJ LC6000 PRIME is the world’s most versatile DJ controller. Bringing professional club style layout, design and control to both standalone and laptop-based DJ workflows.

With the same look, design, and feel, as the flagship SC6000 Media Player, the versatile LC6000 gives DJs a professional hardware control for the second dual-layer audio output, unlocking Engine OS powered Media Players’ full potential when controlling the secondary layer. Showing its true versatility, the LC6000 PRIME is the ultimate DJ Controller for compatible DJ applications, giving DJs professional hardware control in their setup.

The stunning full size 8.5” jog wheel, multi-function performance pads, 100mm dual-precision pitch fader, and navigation control grants the DJ more power and ease to be creative in the mix. Powered and activated with just a single USB connection, the LC6000 PRIME gives ‘plug and play’ a whole new meaning in the DJ booth. Connect one or multiple units to customise your setup and EXPAND YOUR CREATIVITY.

Denon SC6000M Motorised platter media player

The SC6000M combines the best of both analogue and digital DJ functionality. The 8.5 inch motorised platter comes with torque adjustment and a feel that is familiar to DJs that love vinyl mixing. Denon DJ has expertly created a media player that turntablists will love - making this one of the best crossover players that combines analogue feel with next-generation digital DJ technology.

Advance digital workflow and functionality

The large high definition 10.1-inch screen serves as the visual centre for all your control functionality. The SC6000M PRIME comes with crate management software that lets you make adjustments to all your music organisation right from the unit. Additionally, this player recognises libraries from all the major DJ file management software like Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox, and Denon's proprietary software - Engine PRIME.

Fast, creative mixing possibilities

The SC6000M comes with a whole host of performance effects that are designed to provide you with an arsenal of tools to suit DJs of all styles. The performance pads are ultra-responsive in design and control a selection of effects such as hot cues, roll, loop, and slicer functions. Denon DJ has included some brilliantly designed software-based effects such as harmonic mixing and time-stretching algorithms. You can shift your music to a key of your choosing, or you can select the instant match feature which is designed to create harmonically perfect mixes with the touch of a button. The time-stretch algorithm is free from artefacts and gives one of the smoothest results you will ever hear from a DJ player.

Built for collaboration with the X1850

Integrating the SC6000M Prime Media Players with the X1850 DJ Mixer creates a match made in heaven. The X1850 acts as a LAN hub for up to 4 SC6000M players and transmits vital data such as tempo data so you can take advantage of that mixers BPM FX unit. You can also use this player in Serato DJ Pro controller, so Serato users aren't compromising. The SC6000M can be 2 decks in 1, thanks to the dual-layer functionality. This lets users playback two tracks at the same time via the digital and analogue outputs.

Superior Media Player & Wifi Connectivity

The SC6000M can play a variety of uncompressed audio types from the 3 USB drive inputs. WAV, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, OGG - no matter what preference you have, the SC6000M will most likely play it. You can also turn your player into a streaming device from which to play and perform your music libraries. Either by connecting to wifi are using the ethernet connection on the back, you can stream music through the TIDAL, Beatport Link, Soundcloud Go, and Beatsource.

  • Flagship standalone professional DJ media player powered by ENGINE OS
  • 8.5-inch motorised-platter with torque adjustment
  • New vinyl design with quick-release lock
  • Motor spin on/off control
  • HD 10.1-inch touchscreen
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity for music streaming
  • Responsive rubber button performance pads with sophisticated design illumination
  • Built-in internal HDD drive bay to store music onboard
  • Locking IEC connector for secured power cable•Standalone Track Preview
  • Serato DJ Pro controller mode *
  • Best-in-class time-stretch and musical key change/sync algorithms
  • Internal, on-board analysis of music files (including Rekordbox™ collections)
  • Dual-layer playback with independent analogue/digital outs
  • StagelinQ connection for Event/Pro DJ lighting and video control
  • Plays uncompressed audio formats (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • Works with Virtual DJ and Serato DJ Software
  • BPM Detection Algorithm
  • New Streaming Service capability
  • Quick Source Menu

Denon X1850 4 channel professional mixer

The Denon DJ X1850 Prime 4-channel DJ Mixer brings users a familiar club-standard layout and forward-thinking technology to help you craft the best mixes possible. The four channels are multi-assignable and come with adjustable contour faders. The crossfader also includes Denon's famous 'flexi-fade' technology which is adjustable as well, meaning you can create a user experience that is just right for you.

Craft your own sound

As your mixer is the centrepiece to your DJ performance, you need one that is feature-rich and user-friendly. The X1850 DJ Mixer comes with 4 incredible sweep effects so you can inject instant sonic creativeness into your mixes. The lo/hi-pass filter also comes with a resonance control so you can adjust the intensity of your filter sweeps to your taste. In addition, you have another incredible 16-strong selection of BPM FX built for club-standard performance. Another powerful effect is the addition of FX Quantise control. This intuitively quantises all effects to your music so you can add great FX to transition and intro sections of your DJ performance without having to worry about timing. The addition of the 'Time-Division' touch strip is a very unique function you won't find on many DJ mixers. This lets you create rhythm-based effect adjustments in an easy-to-use and intuitive way.

Mainstage Worthy Usability and Performance

The robust and strong design of the X1850 means that this is right at home in any club. The EQ section of the mixer is more than just a standard 3-band EQ strip. It comes with a unique 'isolation' mode, as well as a normal mode, which allows users even greater expressive control. This mixer also comes with advanced AV performance capabilities. Thanks to Denon DJ's 'Stagelin Q' connectivity, you can control professional-quality sound switch lighting, timecode software, and 'Resolume' video.


  • 4-Channel, multi-assignable input, Pro DJ Club Mixer
  • 16 pro-level BPM FX with new FX Quantise control
  • MIDI Start with Clock’ feature for syncing external instruments
  • Expressive EQ—choose Classic or Isolation modes and an adjustable filter resonance control
  • Rugged, smooth channel line faders
  • Channel dedicated Sweep FX and Filter
  • Crisp, OLED screen for FX editing and preference adjustments
  • Dual USB audio connections for software and audio devices
  • (2) dedicated XLR (¼-inch combo) mic inputs with EQ/Level/talkover
  • Tension adjustable, Denon DJ ‘Flex-Fader’ Crossfader
  • 24-bit/96kHz digital output for uncompromised audio quality
  • (4) digital inputs for high-resolution audio mixing
  • 5-Port LAN Hub for network & StagelinQ Event lighting/video connectivity
  • Rugged metal construction
  • Locking IEC connector for secured power cable

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