DAP Audio 2 in 4 out digital audio processor


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DAP Audio Digital Cross Over 2-in, 4-out

• DAP speaker presets available at www.dap-audio.info
• 48 Khz, 64Bits Sample rate
• 5 parametric filters per input and output
• USB interface with included user-friendly software
• Engineered and assembled in Europe

The DCP-24 is the little brother of the DCP-26 which has exact the same features but has four outputs instead of six. If you have a stereo sub top combination and want to get the maximum power out of your audio system without the risk of any damage this is the unit that gets the job done. Fully digital with all features you need to tune and protect your sound system. If you are not familiar with speaker processors our DAP engineers will help you with standard presets for our dap speaker ranges. Ask your dealer or download them at www.dap-audio.info load them in your DCP-24 memory by USB and you are good to go.

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