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BC Festoon 1m Spacing with 16A Plug and Socket

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100 meter
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BC Festoon string lighting with 16a PLug and 1m spacing between lamps

Manufactured in the UK using flat twin 2.5mm² Arctic grade PVC with a black outer sheath, each festoon harness is fitted with ultrasonically welded lamp holders and finished with a PCE Midnight black 16A plug and socket ready for use. Festoon lighting is perfect for lighting up pathways, trees, marquees and pergolas, and is a stunning addition to weddings, festivals, garden parties and other outdoor events.


- Bayonet cap (BC / B22) lamp holders
- 2.5mm² Arctic grade PVC cable (HO5VVH2-F)
- Fitted with PCE Midnight black 16A plug and socket
- Lamps not supplied


- Length: 25m/50m/100m
- Lead length to first lamp holder: 1m
- Number of lamp holders: 25/50/100