Why Choose Click and Collect Over Nationwide Shipping?

In an effort to continue to serve our customers DJbox remains available for Click & Collect services, or nationwide shipping via DPD. All online customers can choose between shipping or collection and based on this choice there are guidlines we are asking customers to follow.


Djbox.ie Click and Collect and Nationwide shipping

Nationwide shipping:
If you choose shipping, your order will be processed, picked and shipped with DPD. All orders are shipped on an overnight service as standard but we never guarantee a next day delivery service. Given the anticipated high colume of parcels in the delivery network we are asking customers to be patient and allow 2-3 days for delivery of orders.

Click and Collect
If you choose colection, then your order can be made avilable to collect from Djbox, and we are asking people to follow 4 very easy steps to help us do this easily and safely!

1 – Place your order online and choose COLLECTION at checkout
2 – Await a call or email from Djbox staff giving you an allocated collection time
3 – Arrive at DJbox and phone us – please remain in your vehicle
4 – Your order will be brought to you, and you can load up and go

We are asking everyone who calls to DJbox to please observe social distancing, where possible stay in your vehicle, and where not possible please wear a face covering.

We remind all customers that for the 6 week durartion of the lockdown period there will unfortunately be no public access to the Djbox shop in Tallaght. This is in line with current givernment guidelines and is to protect our staff and our customers.

Please follow the guidelines above, and if you have any questions or queries call us on 015329845 or email shop@djbox.ie – we are here, we are ready to help and we want your business! Stay safe, stay well, wash your hands, and wear a face covering, and hopefully we will see you all soon.

All the very best from the whole Djbox team.


In today's fast-paced world, customers want their purchases to arrive quickly and efficiently. As an e-commerce business, it's important to offer customers flexible delivery options that meet their unique needs and preferences. Two of the most popular choices are Click and Collect and Nationwide Shipping. So, which option is better for your business? Let's explore the benefits of Click and Collect first.


Click and Collect allows customers to purchase items online and pick them up at a physical location of their choice. This means customers can avoid delivery charges and waiting times, which can lead to higher satisfaction and loyalty. Click and Collect also saves time for the retailer, as there are fewer delivery-related issues to deal with. For example, missing packages, delayed shipments, and damaged goods. Additionally, Click and Collect is an environmentally friendly option, as it reduces carbon emissions associated with delivery vehicles.


Furthermore, Click and Collect can also help businesses attract more customers. By offering the option to collect in-store, retailers can drive more foot traffic and increase the chance of impulse purchases. Click and Collect also increases the likelihood of customers making repeat purchases, as it offers a convenient and hassle-free way of shopping. This leads to increased customer loyalty and a higher customer lifetime value.


On the other hand, Nationwide shipping offers the advantage of reaching a larger audience. It allows businesses to expand their reach beyond their physical location, making it easier to tap into new markets. Nationwide shipping is also an essential option for businesses that deal with fragile or bulky items that are difficult to transport. In these cases, Click and Collect may not be feasible or cost-effective.


However, Nationwide shipping also has its drawbacks. The most significant is the cost. Delivery fees can be expensive, especially for long distances or international shipping. This can be a turn-off for price-sensitive customers who may look to buy elsewhere. Additionally, Nationwide shipping can also lead to higher return rates, as customers may receive damaged or unsatisfactory products. This can lead to additional costs for the business, such as return shipping and restocking fees.


In summary, both Click and Collect and Nationwide shipping have their advantages and disadvantages. The best option for your business will depend on your unique circumstances, preferences, and target market. It's important to weigh the costs and benefits of each option and choose the one that aligns with your business objectives. Ultimately, offering multiple delivery options will give customers more flexibility and choice, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.