Rekordbox 6 and hardware unlock DJ Shop

Rekordbox 6 has a hardware unlock built into the software eliminating the need for license keys! This essentially means that you can connect Pioneer DJ hardware to the software and performance mode will be available and ready to use, let's have a quick look at how and which units.

The following units all unlock Pioneer Rekordbox 6 performance mode (Please note there may be limitations based on the hardware you connect, visit here for info)

Rekordbox 6 hardware unlock
So what this image shows is that with a huge range of the DDJ controller range you can connect the controller and the software will unlock in performance mode. This is great news for working DJs and allows for a number of possibilities:
  • Have Rekordbox ready on a 2nd laptop without needing a license
  • Sell your controller on without worrying about license keys

All in all this makes Rekordbox a lot more accessible to all users, it also makes upgrading a lot easier allowing you to sell your controller on without having to worry about the transfer of license keys.

With a lot of DJs using Rekordbox in export mode this hardware unlock will also let those "export" DJs connect to a controller for gigs, events and spontaneous sets where there might be a set being played on a controller with no CDJs or XDJs in place. 

So there you have it, get the drivers (If needed), get rekordbox, and play some tunes! Enjoy!

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