Lynx Audio at The Black Forge in Dublin DJ Shop

We are absolutely delighted to have installed hgh quality Lynx Pro Audio speakers at the Black forge in Dublin. With a busy festive season planned, and a full program booked, it was essential that the sound system be able to deliver high quality, high energy audio when needed, while offering clarity and precision at all volume levels. Recently opened and incrediblty busy thanks to a stunnign food and drinks menu, The Black Forge has quickly become a favourite for people looking for quality food, exciting cocktails and a good night out. We were asked to help enhance the recent extensive refurbishment works with a PA System to boost things when needed.

We designed a Lynx Pro System based around the HS26 and HS6 cabinets, but this is where the guys at Lynx were able to perform some magic! Before the installation we sent them a picture of the timber beam we planned to fix the speakers too. Lynx were then able to match that timber with the speaker cab, and give the metal work a stunning finish to match. These HR26 cabinets have been custom made for this venue, and they look stunning in place! 

With a short program and lead time it took a lot of work between Dublin and Spain (Lynx) to get these speakers shipped and installed ahead of the festivities. We are eternally thankful to Ben, Jesus and all of the team at Lynx for their support and the quality of the product. A huge than you to Ray and Cable Guy Installations for the tech support and helpo too! Without him we we wouldn't have the result we do. The installation and the results are simply awesome, as you can see below!

The work we have done seems to have made an impression.....

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