Pioneer DJ FLX-4 - New 2 channel controlller! DJ Shop

Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX-4 Has launched......

Pioneer DJ have just announced the launch of their new 2 channel controller, the FLX-4, and it has some eciting new features that will make it appealing to DJs of all levels!

The Pioneer FLX-4 2 Channel DJ Controller

This is the FLX-4, Pioneer DJs new 2 channel controller, and while it may look similar to earlier units it does have some nice features! 

Software - The unit comes out of the box with Rekordbox and Serato compatability and as always we would expect that VDJ suport will not be far behind!

Connectivity - 2 x USB C Conncetors, RCA maser output, 1/4 Jack input, 3.5mm headphone output - ANDROID - interestingly there is a switch on the rear that says "Android"....ooooh!

Streaming - Rekordbox is alraedy compatible with streaming services such as Tidal, Beatport, Beatsource and Soundclouds streaming platforms

Smart mixing feature - Smart Fader automatically adjusts the volume, bass volume, and BPM of the music so you can smoothly transition from one track to the next by simply moving the channel faders or crossfader. And Smart CFX applies a combination of effects with a turn of one knob to add drama to the sound. 

And a little someting to look forward too..... if you use it with rekordbox for iOS/Android when the update becomes available in early 2023, you’ll be able to connect to your iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth® or a USB cable.

The Pioneer DJ FLX-4 is €319 Euro and available to pre-order from NOW! are based in Tallaght in Dublin, are open in our shop and showroom 7 days a week and are Irelands leading Pioneer DJ retailers!