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Pink - Furry Sennheiser HD25 earpad and headband covers - pimp kit

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The DJBox.ie Earpad Set Furry is especially designed for the Sennheiser Headphones HD25, HD25-13, HD25 SP, HMD25, HME25 and HMEC25. The set includes 2 x Earpads and 2 x Headpads(self-adhesive) and can be mounted in a few seconds.
The velour earpad sets, which are known by every DJ, are now available in an advanced material called "Nicki". This high-quality material is very breathable and convinces through its high flexibility. The earpads are fluffy and ensure a soft and cuddly wearing comfort. The Earpad Set Furry combines everything that a DJ wants – first-class quality and a cheap price!
The set is available in many different colors, so you can leave a creative note on your headphone and you can give an old headphone a new look within seconds. With the Earpad Set Teddy you cann assure a perfect and great look of you professional Sennheiser DJ headphone.
• Suitable for: Sennheiser HD25, HD25-13, HD25 SP, HMD25, HME25 and HMEC25
• Weight: 18 g