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Zomo CD Sleeve - White - 100 pcs

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Zomo CD Sleeves are a space saving and convenient possibility to transport or archive your CDs or DVDs. You can store or file a huge amount of the discs in a case or bag because of the slim sleeves.

The CDs/DVDs are perfectly protected against every damage by a fleece inlay.
The double sided sleeve fitts 2 CDs. The different colours and the insertion on top
are offering various possibilities to file and mark the sleeves for a better access to the different kinds of music for example.

Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!


• Material: PP and soft fleece
• Colour: white
• Capacity: 2 CDs/DVDs per sleeve = 200 CDs/DVDs per pack
• Sleeve Size : 130 x 0,6 x 144 mm
• Pack Size : 130 x 65 x 144 mm
• Weight: 380g