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Pioneer T-U101 Stand

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Pioneer T-U101 Stand

X-STAND - Portable DJ stand for the RMX-1000, a laptop, or various devices

Elevated/angled DJ stand for the RMX-1000 and various devices
Small footprint allows for ease of use
Folds flat for ultra portability and easy storage
Non-slip rubber feet add stability and prevent vibration
Three height adjustments


Pioneer offers the new T-U101 X-STAND multi-purpose DJ stand designed for use with Pioneer's RMX-1000 remix station, laptop devices, and/or other accessories that need to be elevated above a DJ system setup. The stand offers variable angles for easier accessibility and viewing of devices to help make DJ performances more intuitive and effective. Because of its portable design, the X-STAND can be quickly set up and removed from any DJ system arrangement such as an existing nightclub DJ booth.

The X-STAND is made of strong, durable steel and utilizes scissor lift hinges for ease of use. When fully opened, the unit stands at 234mm (9.2 inches) high. Extremely portable, the stand weighs only 3.3 pounds and folds flat at only 0.73 inches thick. The legs of the X-STAND feature non-slip rubber feet, protective rubber pads on the top surface with a large painted Pioneer logo.


Elevated and angled platform for Pioneer's Remix Station RMX-1000, laptop computers, and other devices

Small footprint allows for ease of use when cables and gear are in the way

Folds flat for ultra portability and easy storage

Supported by four angled legs equipped with non-slip rubber feet, providing adequate strength and preventing vibration

Three height adjustments (low, medium and high)

Protective rubber pads on the legs and the top surface


Folded Dimensions: 14.17" (W) × 9.72" (D) × 0.73" (H)
Heights and Angles
Low: 5.9", 20°
Mid: 7.6", 28°
High: 9.2", 39°
Materials: Steel
Maximum Load: 6.6 lbs
Color: Matte Black Sprayed
Net Weight: 3.3 lbs