Pioneer DJ DSG1079 Pioneer tact switch


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Pioneer DSG1079 Pioneer tact switch

Tact switch for various functions:

  • CDJ 2000 (hot cue A, h.cue B, h.cue C, Loop In, Loop Out, 4-Beat Loop, Reloop)
  • CDJ 1000 MK3 (Play, Cue, Text, Loop Out, Reloop,H.Cue A, H.Cue B, H.Cue C)
  • CDJ 800 MK2 (Play, Cue, AutoBeat 1-2-3-4, Loop In, Loop Out, Reloop, REV)
  • CDJ 400 (Loop In, Loop Out, Reloop, Reverse, Beatloop)
  • CDJ 350 (CD, Playlist, PC, USB, Loop In, Loop Out, Reloop, Loop Divide +, Loop Divide -, BPM Lock, USB stop)
  • CDJ 200 (Beatloop, Reloop, Hot Loop In, Out Adjust, Play/Pause, Cue)
  • DJM 2000 (Noise, Jet, Crush, HPF, CH1 Cue, Link Cue, Zip, CH2 Cue, LPF, TAP, Phaser, Filter, Slip Roll, Reverb, Echo, Gate, Trans, Rev Roll, Roll, Multi Tap Delay, Delay, Auto, Beat 1/8, Beat 1/2, FX Select B, FX Select A, Beat 1/1, FX Select Master, FX Select CH2, Beat 4/1, FX Select CH1, FX Select CH3, FX Select Mic, Beat 3/4, Beat 2/1, FX Select CH4, Beat 1/4, Send/Return, Master Cue, CH4 Cue, CH3 Cue, Master Cue, MIDI Start/Stop, MIDI ON/OFF, Mix(key), Remix(key), MIDI(key), Effect On/Off1, Effect On/Off2, Effect Cue1, Effect Cue2, Utility(Stby))
  • DJM 800 (Harmonic, Sweep, Cruch, Filter, Fader Start1-2-3-4, Cue CH1-CH2-CH3-CH4-Master, Beat Up-Down, AutoTap, Midi Start, Tap, Cue Effect, Effect On/Off)
  • DJM 700 (Fader Start1-2, Filter, Cue1-2-3-4, Tap, Midi Start, Auto Tap, Beat Up, Beat Down, Cue Effects, Cue Master, Midi On/Off, Effect On/Off) 

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