Best of luck Scott!

All good things come to an end… and so it is that we announce that Scott has decided to seek new challenges and to leave DJbox and our industry. He will be staying with us to ensure the move to our new home goes as planned, we have been working on it a while and […]

We are still moving soon…. And it’s soon!

Rome wasn’t built in a day – and the new DJbox is taking it’s time too! But it’ll be worth it! A short while ago we announced that we are moving to a new larger, better, premises. The move is on! We had hoped that we would be in the new premises by now, but […]

Pioneer DJ rental from

June 1st – are proud and pleased to announce that we will now be making the Pioneer DJ CDJ and DJM ranges available for rental. As a fully authorised Pioneer DJ dealer will now offer a range of Pioneer DJ products for one off events as well as short terms and long term rentals. […]

Closure of Lamba PLC – Parent of KAM…….

It was with great sadness that we learnt of the recent closure of Lamba PLC. An industry legend, this UK based company had been distributing professional sound and lighting products around the world for over 60 years! From the legendary Made 2 Fade mixer to brands such as KAM, Gemini, Odyssey and many more, Lamba […]

Announcing the Pioneer XDJ-DJAY

Following on from the recent high profile announcement of HID support for Djay with the Pioneer Nexus 2 range, a new collaboration between Pioneer DJ and Algorridim has just been unveiled. Introducing the brand new Pioneer XDJ-DJAY. The new XDJ-DJAY will have a fully optimized and embedded version of the increasingly popular DJay software. A […]

Djbox appointed Irelands exclusive Denon DJ Prime dealers

HUGE NEWS – DJbox have been appointed EXCLUSIVE Irish dealers for the Denon Prime range. Djbox will be THE ONLY Irish retailer authorised by Denon to sell the Prime range in Ireland. We are very excited, proud and pleased with this appointment. We are looking forward to presenting this exciting new range to our DJ […]

Software setup on a Pioneer XDJ-RX……

This mornings mission – setting up Pioneer Rekordbox DJ and an XDJ-RX for a customer in store…… but this setup was different to others for us! Yesterday we received a call from a customer who had just purchased (the day before) an XDJ-RX in Dublin, but not from DJbox. He was trying to get Rekordbox […] – We SELL sound and lighting equipment! – Our online home – our store, web presence, and main portal to the online world. Visit it, please come and check it out! First thing you’ll notice is WE SELL sound and lighting equipment. We ARE NOT a DJ agency, we DO NOT rent dance floors, we DO NOT video weddings or any other […]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look after the kit in the booth!

Thankfully the following is the exception and not the rule. Every night DJ boxes around the world are in operation without any issues or problems, with “no drink” policies and other rules in place. In 99.999% of cases DJs DO respect the equipment. DJs DO look after it and they understand and appreciate its value and worth. […]

We only close 2 days a year……

At Djbox we close 2 days a year… we close Christmas Day and New Years Day. Those 2 days aside we are open for business. There are 2 key reasons why I chose to do this: 1) At a time when we need to stand out, encourage people to shop local, and we must offer […]