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Software setup on a Pioneer XDJ-RX……

This mornings mission – setting up Pioneer Rekordbox DJ and an XDJ-RX for a customer in store…… but this setup was different to others for us! Yesterday we received a call from a customer who had just purchased (the day before) an XDJ-RX in Dublin, but not from DJbox. He was trying to get Rekordbox […]

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look after the kit in the booth!

Thankfully the following is the exception and not the rule. Every night DJ boxes around the world are in operation without any issues or problems, with “no drink” policies and other rules in place. In 99.999% of cases DJs DO respect the equipment. DJs DO look after it and they understand and appreciate its value and worth. […]

We only close 2 days a year……

At Djbox we close 2 days a year… we close Christmas Day and New Years Day. Those 2 days aside we are open for business. There are 2 key reasons why I chose to do this: 1) At a time when we need to stand out, encourage people to shop local, and we must offer […]

Plain packaging time…….

It’s that time of the year again. We are putting away the branded packaging, the tape, boxes, flyers and leaflets and we are going incognito. From now until the end of December DJbox will ship ALL online orders in plain boxes and packaging to ensure arriving parcels don’t cause any suspicions. All items will be in […]

Your laptop – your responsibility…….

Your laptop – your responsibility At Djbox we pride ourselves on the service, support and after care we give our customers. A part of this service is ensuring that our customers have ALL of the information they need before making a purchase. Specs, product abilities, shortfalls etc. Our business is still growing, and we are […]

Why buy from Djbox? Here are some good reasons!

There are a lot of places where DJ equipment can be purchased, so why should you choose to shop at DJbox. We know that our prices are not always the cheapest but we do work hard to ensure we are competitive. We do however offer many other advantages that we would hope will help you […]

DJbox gearing up for Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again…… Christmas. All over the country boys and girls are looking to get DJ equipment and that is where can help! Has the little person in your life told you they want to be a DJ, is the significant other in your life already a DJ and you […] for spare parts – Technics, Pioneer and Sennheiser are now carrying spare parts for major brands in store! We are building a stock of the most requested parts like cables, faders, pots, tone arms, earth cables and more. We will be stocking genuine/original parts from all of the manufacturers and these will be available to order online from parts section or […]