Pioneer DJ are going nowhere…. #FakeNews

Pioneer DJ CDJ DJM Setup

Mass hysteria has ensued as an article was released with the headline “Pioneer Corporation considering selling off its stake in Pioneer DJ” – and while this may be true, a lot of people had a lot of opinions and a lot of them were wrong!

Pioneer DJ (the brand) is reportedly for sale, with it’s current owners KKR and Pioneer DJ potentially looking for an exit, but before you get upset and wound up you have to realise…. Pioneer have not controlled Pioneer DJ since 2015! In 2015 Investment company KKR purchased approximately 85% of Pioneer DJ, while Pioneer retained 15%. This has effectively meant that Pioneer has not controlled Pioneer DJ for some time. KKR is an investment company with interests around the globe in everything from Pharma to media to technology. Like any investment company, they buy something and when they think they can maximise their return they sell it! That is exactly what they seem to be considering doing. If the sale goes ahead it’s likely the Pioneer 15% shareholding will go too, but considering it’s a minor shareholder and has been for years, it will have little impact either way.

Remember in 2015 when KKR bought Pioneer DJ? Remember the impact it had? No I wouldn’t think you do, and all things considered it’s likely you will not notice an impact if/when they divest their investment and sell Pioneer DJ. The brand is sure to attract attention globally, with a number of possible suitors, but whatever happens Pioneer DJ is here to stay, and any comments to the contrary are simply #FakeNews right now!

So in summary…..

  • Pioneer DO NOT own the majority of Pioneer DJ and have not since 2015
  • Pioneer DJ is owned by an investment company who are considering selling
  • The impact to Pioneer DJ customers and users will be barely noticeable if at all
  • Now that’s all done, can we go back to doing what it is we all do! Have a great day all!