Happy New Year from everyone at Djbox

Djbox.ie would like to wish all of our friends,  families, customers and suppliers a very happy, healthy and safe new year. As we enter 2019, we hope it is a great year for you all!

Happy New Year from DJbox
Happy New Year from DJbox

How has it been?

2018 was an exceptional year at Djbox for a number of reasons. It was our first full year in our new Cookstown home, designed and developed so we are able to deliver a better showroom experience to our customers. It was a year when we increased our stock holding allowing us to react quicker to customer demands and needs. The last year also saw us move up a gear in regards to the kit stocked, we are now stocking larger items like the ADJ Vizi Beam 5RX and the Yamaha DSR speakers. We have been to every corner of the country this year, with deliveries and sending out packages, and our coverage is truly nationwide. And, It was also the year where we surpassed all of our expectations, goals and targets both in store and online.

We have continued to work hard, continuously #DoingTheThings that other DJ shops cannot and will not, although we do see some trying ūüėČ We continue to keep our focus on delivering the best service, the best support, the best products and the best showroom experience possible. We have invested in staff training with the brands we represent, we have visited trade shows and events, and we have continued to offer the best products from industry leading brands. It is our belief that Djbox still offer the best service, support and products in our industry and we will continue to do so!

Thank you….

All of this would not be possible if it were not for 2 key factors, our customers who entrust us with their business and their equipment, and our team who work tirelessly to continue to deliver the product that is Djbox. I want to thank each and every person who chooses Djbox as their equipment supplier, whether its a cable, connector or new setup, it all matters to us and we value every sale! (It’s what we do, we sell stuff!). Our team, it has changed slightly, but the work ethic and the drive to be the best remains. I want to thank Dylan who has worked tirelessly since he arrived with us, Stephen who always has the digital side of the business sorted and covered and of course Vincenzo for keep us fed, haha! I want to say thank you to our suppliers, the brands, the reps, the managers, the sales teams, the warehouse staff, the delivery drivers and all of the other people we work with day in and out, week in and out to get kit to our Tallaght shop to show and sell you. We work with some of our industries biggest names and brands, and their support is important for what we do. Having direct access to these people allows us to better serve you, our shared customer.


2018 has been the best year yet for Djbox, and looking at our 2019 plans everything points towards further growth, further business development and even bigger and better experiences for our customers! On a personal Note I want to thank my wife and my family for their support. #DoingTheThings keeps me very busy, with early mornings, late nights and a phone that never stops beeping or ringing. I am truly thankful to have a wonderful wife who supports the things I do. I want to thank all of the people around me who have reached out to me to offer, help, advise, support or just encouragement. Working for yourself can sometimes be a lonely place, fortunately with so many wonderful people around me I seldom feel alone.

Only this week Stephen and I realised that it was on November the 13th 2009 we made our first blog post introducing Djbox to the world. Now, a very quick 8 years later as I sit and think about what we have done, where we have been, and what we have left to do I feel thankful and excited. Excited to be leading a business in such a dynamic and exciting industry, excited by our plans for 2019 and the evolution of our business, and excited that even though we have come so far and done so much, we have much left to do!

Thank you, thank you all for supporting me, for supporting Djbox and for helping us create this business I am so proud of! I’m looking forward to seeing where we all go in 2019!

Wishing you health, happiness and success in 2019.

All the very best



Mark –¬†Djbox.ie