Hospitality staff are people too……

As the festive period starts, and the Christmas parties commence,…. Don’t be that person. You know the one, the one everyone talks about Monday morning, “did you hear what they said”, “Did you see them getting kicked out”.

If someone was sitting at their desk in the middle of the afternoon and a person walked in clicking their fingers at them the person at the desk would not be happy. If a person was in their workshop and someone walked up and hugged them, that person would be within their rights to feel uncomfortable and unhappy. If someone was working in a deli and a person shouted “oi, oi…” it’s unlikely they would greeted with a friendly smile. None of the above are acceptable in the workplace, and just because someone chooses to work in a bar, hotel, nightclub or other sector of the hospitality sector does not mean that they should be subjected to these things either.

The men and women you will encounter in the coming weeks in the bars, clubs and hotels around the country are working. They are doing a job. They are working long hours, late nights, unsocial days and times, to offer their customers (you) the best experience they can. Long after you have fallen out of a taxi and rolled into bed they will be cleaning their venues, putting right the wrongs that have happened, filling in reports, sending emails and so much more to get ready to do it all again the next day. They will do this consistently and every night for the next 6 weeks. They will still smile, they will serve and help you and they will do everything they can to help.

  • The person who held the door as you came in, someone’s uncle or father.
  • The woman behind the bar, someone’s sister and daughter.
  • The guy who brought your drinks, someone’s son.
  • The girl collecting the glasses your drinking from, someone’s wife and mother.

All people… all working…. All doing a job! Respect them, appreciate them, and value them. Without them, there would be no nights out!

Stay safe and look after each other this Christmas! Happy Christmas to all.