Coffee this morning had me thinking…..

So when I was having coffee this morning it got me thinking….. I was sat here……Kitchen coffee table

Coffee this morning was interesting and had me thinking…..

Yesterday I spent the day with 2 huge industry brands, Native Instruments and Allen & Heath. Only a short time ago 6 maybe 7 years I was sat here everyday, at my kitchen table. This is the exact spot where Djbox began. This is where Scott and I started planning and growing the business. This is where the dream began.

Now, a relatively short time later Djbox have the best showroom in our industry, a nationwide customer base and representation of great brands. Furthermore our service and support remains the best in our industry.

It’s easy to forget how young we still are, how far we have come so quickly, and what we have achieved. Every day I’m proud of what we have done and we will continue #DoingTheThings for many more years to come!