#ItsOkNotToBeOk – today is world suicide prevention day, and our thoughts at Djbox have turned to Avicii. Someone (from the outside looking in) who had made it, someone who many aspired to emulate and someone who was at the height of his powers. Travelling the world, adored by millions and playing to tens of thousands, what a life….. or so it seemed.

Behind the gigs, the pointing fingers, the smile and the showman there were problems. Problems that ultimately led to him leaving us before anyone would have wanted or expected.

You see, life is not perfect. Life is difficult, it is challenging and it often goes off track. That’s ok, it’s a part of the journey. Sometimes you’ll feel like you want to give up, sometimes you’ll feel you’ve had enough and sometimes you’ll feel you can’t go on. Those are the times when you pick up the phone, knock on someone’s door, call a friend and talk. At a time when we are surrounded by messengers, SnapChats, twitters and so many other things, there is nothing better than sitting down, looking someone in the eye and talking.

At Djbox our door is always open, our social channels are always on and we are always always available. Drop into us, message us or phone. We will listen and if we can help we will. The shop is a great place for a cup of tea or coffee and a chat and anyone is welcome anytime.

This indutstry has already lost some really really good people. Let’s come together, support each other, help each other and be there. Reach out to us if you need to, and talk.

Remeber…… #ItsOkNotToBeOk – let’s tackle suicide head on! #WakeMeUp