When is a camper not a camper…..?

When it’s a Dj booth of course!  Andrew Job from Down Discos in Northern Ireland had an idea, and a very cool idea at that. Why not create a striking Dj booth, something to set him apart and something that would create a WOW factor, and why not use a VW camper to do! So he set about building his dream, and made it come true!

Down Discos Camper booth
And so the Down Discos Camper can booth was born – and it gained instant attention from brides and couples in Andrews Market. As striking as it was we always knew that there was something missing, one small thing that would finish it and make it almost unbeatable. Can you guess what we wanted to do?

So after sit down, planning, meeting, discussing and designing we made a plan, we ordered the kit and we set about adding the final touch to the booth!

BOOM – a pair of American DJ Dotz pars inserted I not the headlights bring a whole new dimension to the custom facade. Multi functional, effective and a real sales tool this booth is like nothing we have seen before. It is now practical and can be used as a functioning booth, the colours in the pars can be used to match a brides theme or colour, and then at party time the lighting can be used as a dance floor wash! We are so proud to have been involved with this from the very start, and to see the final result is awesome.

We are looking forward to seeing more videos like this of this stunning booth being used in the very near future!