You have to go back to your supplying dealer I’m afraid…..

So After Christmas we often get calls people who are having issues with kit. Those issues range from setup difficulties, to software problems, to hardware glitches. At Djbox we offer a free setup service on all hardware we supply and we also have direct contacts into the brands we represent for service and support, however….

This week in the space of 2 days we took 3 calls that should really serve as an eye opener to people in our industry. One was from a customer who had a light that he just received and its not panning correctly, the other was from customer who has a controller thats not behaving right. In ALL cases, they were sourced outside Ireland, in ALL cases the items have no warranty support in Ireland, and in ALL cases the items will now have to be shipped to where they were purchased for service, repair, inspection etc. In many cases the customers warranties are with the dealers they bought from, and those are with the distributors they bought from, something customers don’t always realise. This will leave the customers without their hardware for prolonged periods of time while inspections, repairs etc. take place.

Djbox work hard to offer the best service and support we can. We are not perfect but we are contactable, available and in store 7 days. So, why buy from Djbox?

– Firstly we are contactable and open in store 7 days a week 363 days a year. These people both called us today because they couldn’t contact their supplier

– We have access to our own and manufacture approved service and repair centres and parts supplies for quick turn around times.

– We can talk directly to the manufacturers to sort the best solutions possible in the quickest time possible, repair, replacement, loan unit etc.

– We supply and have relationships with major brands globally

While I don’t know if the outcome would have been different for either of these customers there would have been progress. They could have brought us the items. We could have used our knowledge and experience to look for faults and issues. We could have contacted the manufacturers for assistance and we could have offered some solutions. Instead they are both now stuck, on a Saturday afertnoon with hardware failures ahead of gigs tonight, scrambling more solutions form a supplier they cannot contact.

You’d have to wonder was it worth whatever small saving it is they made?