“But it’s cheaper online”……. is it worth it though?

It’s that time of year, where we get calls, messages and emails looking for pricing of kit as presents for Christmas. More often than not the people making the enquiries are making them on behalf of a son, daughter or grandchild, and they have no understanding of the equipment, how it works or what they need. That’s ok, that’s why we are here, to help, to offer advise and to offer support.

However, then comes the inevitable “but it’s cheaper online”. Yes it is, like most products and services, if you look hard enough you will find a cheaper price, however cheaper is not always better. While we do understand that the sale is that of a product, the value in what we offer is often worth the small price difference between the Djbox price and the online cheapest price. Let me explain why.

1 – This is Djbox – this is Djbox, Irelands premier space for the demonstration and purchase of DJ related sound and lighting products. Custom designed and built with the leading products from leading brands on demonstration and display for our customers. We ARE NOT a box shifting warehouse, nor are do we order kit as needed. We carry stock and offer demonstration facilities.

Djbox Cookstown

2 – Main dealer – We are a MAIN DEALER for our industries leading brands and offer all of the support, service and after care that involves. We purchase directly from leading brands and have direct access to their sales, service and support teams if needed.

3 – Staff – We have an in store staff that are able to offer you advise and service leading up to your purchase. Our staff will discuss key factors with you like your budget, your needs and your aspirations before making a recommendation on the kit you should buy.

4 – We sell DJ equipment – DJbox sells DJ equipment, it’s our passion, it’s what we do and we do it very well. We know the products, the people, the kit and we can offer you the best solution to suit your needs.

5 – FREE setup service – we offer a free setup service to all of our customers. If you purchase your kit from us we will set it up in store for you meaning that you have no issues or worries after you buy your kit.

6 – Service & Support – as a main dealer for leading bands we have direct access to the service and support departments of the brands we sell. This gives us the best opportunity and ability to offer you a quick and speedy service and a timely resolution. We are also available by phone 24/7/365, and yes we do get calls Christmas Day!


So, when a large box shifting supplier are 20 or 30 Euro cheaper, please consider the above, please ask yourself, is the lack of local service and support worth it, is the ability to demo and see the kit before hand worth it, is having someone who is willing and able to help you worth it!

The above are just some of the reasons why we may be a little more expensive than the online options you are seeing. All of the above carry a cost, whether that is the premises, staff, utilities, stock, or the van or one of many more.

Djbox may not be the cheapest option you find, but we will offer you service and support that other suppliers will not. Our offer to you is the best service and support possible with very competitive pricing, whether it is online or in store, DJbox offers a great value solution this Christmas!

Djbox – Doing the things other DJ shops cannot and will not!