2017, my reflections, thoughts and thanks…….

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As I sit to write this I have realised that I have been lucky enough to be typing these messages for a few years now. Every one has been genuine, and every one has thankfully been positive and hopeful. This year is no different!

Djbox has been very busy this year, and has surpassed our hopes and targets for this year. For this we are truly thankful. We are thankful to each and every person or business who trusts in us for their equipment. We are thankful to anyone who recommends us, sends people our way, or promotes us in any way possible. We work hard to ensure we deliver the best service, support and products possible. We believe we are very good at it, and as our line goes, “We do the things other DJ shops cannot and will not” – we are not perfect, we can and do make mistakes, but we think that when we do we react quickly to resolve these! We work hard, we want your business, and we will do all we can to support you and your business.

2017 has been a very interesting chapter in the Djbox book! With a new shop and showroom and losing a key member of our staff all leading to rebuilding our team and showroom in our new premises! There have been challenges, and decisions that have ultimately led to DJbox being better and stronger, and we look forward into 2018 with huge positivity and excitement. We have exciting plans, huge intentions and visions, and we look forward to your continued support as we continue to build and grow.

Thanks go to all of the people who work every day to make and keep DJbox what it has become and is. Thanks to Scott for all he did during his time with us, he was key to what we did and do, and it will never be forgotten. Thanks to Stephen who is a very important part of the business through his tech support and graphics works, and of course thanks to Sean, the latest confirmed member of our team. Its great to see how quickly he has adapted to a role in the business, and we look forward to having him for a long time to come. To all of our suppliers, industry friends, delivery drivers, brand reps and everyone else, we thank you for your continued support, your assistance in letting us represent you, your brands and products, and we are looking forward to a great 2018!

Finally, and on a personal note, 2018 has been the biggest year of change I have seen since we started DJbox. Scotts departure, coupled with the change in premises all happening at once was challenging to say the least. Coupled with the daily demands of the business, the deliveries and everything else that is “life” it was mayhem! There was a lot going on, and there were a few key people who were there to help. Scott even though he was leaving was a great help during the transition of premises and his departure, Sean for all he did in helping us get setup and moved, Dara who spent time with us during and after the move, and to everyone else who lent a hand, van or spared time to help, I will be forever grateful. Of course, my family, who somehow still put up with the late hours, the phone calls late at night, the cable and fog fluid deliveries and everything that comes with Djbox…. there are few words to express my thanks and feelings for your support but I am thankful everyday for what you do for me, as we continue to grow our business!

So 2017, what a year and definitely one that I will not forget, the year that so much changed, and so much happened! If 2017 was even a small indication of what 2018 holds, then I cannot wait to get started!

Wishing you, your friends and families a very happy, and safe 2018!

Best Wishes