Cookstown is OPEN and what a ride it’s been……..

Unit 1 is open, launched and all systems are go! Last night we unveiled our NEW Showroom and shop facility at 1 Cooktown Enterprise Park in Tallaght.

Djbox Cookstown

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to come and see us and to be there for our launch event. I also want to thank the suppliers who supported us with the launch event, and who took the time to attend. In particular I want to thank Kris, Andy, Ian and the whole ADJ team, and Richard, Hannah, Vicki and the guys at Numark, Denon, Alto, Akai and Alesis. I also want to thank Noel and Martin from Pioneer for our excellent in store Pioneer demo station. We are very fortunate to work with great brands and people and we look forward to this being the case for many years to come.

A few people were key to making yesterday happen and they deserve a huge thanks too. Stephen, Sean, Dara, Gavin, Gregg and Andrew, thank you all so so much!

The opening of Unit 1 was bitter sweet for me personally. The sweet….. when everyone had left, and I collapsed onto the floor and looked at what WE had created and achieved I couldn’t but help to be so amazingly proud of what we have built and become in such a relatively short period of time. Then, there is the bitter, the WE…. we are soon to be no more. We, will become I, and I will start to build a new team to lead DJbox into the future. As you will know by now, Scott my brother, my right hand man, my go to guy has decided it’s a time for new challenges.

As I left Unit 1 last night, I felt so many things. Grateful, for the opportunity to work alongside my brother, amazed, at what we have created in such a short space of time, sad, that he has decided to leave us, excited for whatever the future might hold for us both, and humbled. Humbled by the fact that so many people turn to DJbox each and every day, that we have become your chosen supplier, that you trust our advise and guidance, and that you choose to spend your money with us! So many of you are so much more than customers to us and I’m thankful everyday for what my work brings!

Thankful is the overwhelming feeling that covers how I felt when I stood in our new showroom last night in DJbox. Thankful for what it lets me do every day, for the people it lets me do it with, and for the support everyone has given us. Unit 1 has come to be because of all of you, our customers and our suppliers, and for that I am thankful.

Here’s to the future and the continued success of us all!


You can find us HERE if you want to come and checkout the new showroom!