The Cellar Bar in The Church Dublin

Djbox have recently completed the installation of a new intelligent lighting system in the Cellar Bar in The Church Dublin. Having recently upgraded the lighting in the main bar area, we were delighted to be asked back to help with the Cellar bar.

The Church Dublin new lighting
The Cellar Bar at The Church Dublin new lighting

The Cellar bar lies beneath a historic Church in Dublin City centre, where many moons ago Arthur Guinness got married. As a multi function space used for meals, late bar, events, launches and more, the lighting installation had to be discreet but effective. Having met with the management team to discuss their needs we set about designing something we knew would deliver on their desires.

Given the multi function nature of the space we felt it was important to use a mixture of wash and spot fixtures. This would allow for colour washing certain areas for live performances or speeches, whilst still maintaining dynamics and shapes on the “dance” space when required. We opted to installed a split system of 3 x wash fixtures and 3 x profiles to replace the existing, and well used, scanners. Given our success with ADJ in the main bar it made sense to continue to use the brand into this space. The design spec was:

3no x ADJ Inno Z4 wash

3no x ADJ Inno pocket spots

1no. x ADJ NE1 DMX Controller

This design not only fills the brief but matches the requirements of being compact and discreet. When the staff in the venue saw the size of the fixtures there were initial concerns about the power and output of the fixtures. However, after 1 weekends operation it became clear that the lighting was more than powerful enough, and in fact the master dimmer on the NE1 was set to around 50% to keep the mood in the venue right for late bar activities.

The Church is a historic venue and DJbox have now replaced all of their entertainment fixtures in the key areas for ADJ lighting. This has a number of benefits for the venue. The new LED fixtures being installed do not require lamp replacement ensuring a cost offer the older discharge fittings that were in place. The new LED fittings are also far more energy efficient resulting in lower operating costs per light for the venue. We estimate that we have reduced the energy consumption in these 2 areas of those venue from 1050 watts to 505 watts – and thats assuming ALL of the Z4 washes are all on 100% which they are not.

If you have a venue or entertainment space and you want to make your installation more efficient or just freshen it up then please contact DJbox now!