– We SELL sound and lighting equipment! – Our online home – our store, web presence, and main portal to the online world. Visit it, please come and check it out! First thing you’ll notice is WE SELL sound and lighting equipment. We ARE NOT a DJ agency, we DO NOT rent dance floors, we DO NOT video weddings or any other such services – WE SELL EQUIPMENT. We want our customers to provide those services as a part of their business, and hopefully to use equipment we supply to compliment that. To couple with our online presence at we have our shop in Tallaght, in Dublin. A walk in, bricks & Mortar shop. A place where equipment is ON DEMO. Not locked in display cabinets, or hidden on shelving. A place where a purpose built lighting showroom has been put together, a place where we demo everything from controllers, to lasers, to speakers and more – WE SELL EQUIPMENT.

DJBox map
Our location in Tallaght Village in Dublin

As a straight up retail operation we work hard to offer our potential customers the very best service, support and products available anywhere in our industry. We offer customers our mobile phone numbers, we open our shop 7 days a week, we are available out of hours by phone, text, social media and more. These are the value added things we do that online sellers cannot do (they might be cheaper but thats no use if something goes wrong at a gig). These are the things we do that other DJ shops cannot and will not do. We want you business, we will work hard for it and we will work hard for you. WE SELL EQUIPMENT and we need to sell it to keep providing the services we do.

We don’t have the luxury of having other money coming into the business – we are too focused on selling equipment to our customers and letting them provide the shows and effects to the customers! Please support local business, if you are buying sound and lighting equipment consider us – consider, WE SELL EQUIPMENT