Pioneer announce the new XDJ-R1

Pioneer have announced the new XDJ-R1 all in one solution for DJ’s and it is now available to pre-order from

This exciting new unit The XDJ-R1 continues what the XDJ-Aero began with the use of wireless technology, the new XDJ-R1 however has some welcome additions that many DJs will be happy to see. In our opinion the new R1 fits right in between the CDJ/DJM range and the larger controller range. This new all in one brings all of the functionality any DJ could want and need (with some exciting new developments like RemoteBox), while retaining the quality and performance expected from Pioneer.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 All on one system
Pioneer XDJ-R1 All on one system – CD/USB/RemoteBox

The R1 is designed in a familiar layout with a player section either side of a central mixer.  Each player section has hot cue and effects controls, as well as sampler buttons. The mixer section also has color effects, usually only found on the higher DJM series of mixers! Where this new unit really comes into it’s own is when you add an IOS device such as an iPhone or iPad. Using the IOS device you can control the R1 and all of it’s features such as playback, FX, volume etc. The new R1 allows a user to playback from CD, USB, RemoteBox, RekordBox and of course it can also be used as a controller and it comes with (and pre-mapped for) Virtual DJ.

Pioneer XDJ-R1 All on one system
Pioneer XDJ-R1 All on one system

We believe that the R1 will appeal to a wide range of DJ’s. From professional mobile DJs who want a variety of inputs and media playback methods to clubs and bars who want a versatile unit for their DJ’s. The R1 ticks all of the boxes for any DJ looking for quality and versatility, and with a price tag of only €999 we know it is going to be a roaring success.

Pre order your XDJ-R1 from NOW and be first to get this exciting new piece of hardware when it arrives in Ireland.