Ableton Live 10 – FREE 90 Day trial!

Ableton have just extended the trial period of the wildly popular Abelton Live from 30 to 90 days. This is their flagship music production software, and is used by millions around the globe. The extended trial period offers the full version of the software, including saving and then exporting your creations. You can download the […]

Online ordering and shipping available!

Following on from a day of discussions, telephone calls and emails between DJbox, our internal team, The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation and various other advisory parties, it has been confirmed that DJbox can continue to offer an ONLINE ONLY service under strict circumstances. As our courier service DPD are still operational and offering […]

We are closed due to Corona Virus precautions

On Friday March 27th the Irish Government ordered ALL non essential work and travel to stop, and that the general population should stay home for the next 2 weeks. All travel outside the home has been limited to within 2km of the home, and all non essential business activity must stop. We understand the importance […]

Lockdown recommendations

Looking for some ideas for things to do, use or get to keep you occupied during self isolation? We’ve taken a few minutes to put together some ideas that might help. Have a look and let us know what you think or if there’s something you’d like added! LD Systems podcast kit So as you […] and Corona Virus (COVID-19)

At 9.00pm this evening the Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland addressed the nation via TV. At this time there has been no total lockdown ordered, and no shut down of businesses recommended. On that basis Djbox will continue our operations as they have been altered to cater for Corona/COVID-19 as long as it is safe […]

What are we going to do now?

In isolation or lockdown for the next couple of weeks? Some thoughts on things to do….. Equipment mainteance and repairs This is an ideal time to carry out essential maintenance on your equipment. Do you have turntables that need earth/RCA cables, or maybe a new play/cue switch on your CDJs. With some downtime bewteen gigs […]

#PrimeTime just got better – #EmbraceTheChange

Denon DJ have just announced the launch of 2 new players and a mixer to further enhance their rapidly growing and expanding range of “Prime” hardware. These new Flagship units are going to prove massively successful! Meet the new Denon hardware…… There are 3 products in the just announced range, at the heart the new […]

Pioneer DJ are going nowhere…. #FakeNews

Pioneer DJ CDJ DJM Setup

Mass hysteria has ensued as an article was released with the headline “Pioneer Corporation considering selling off its stake in Pioneer DJ” – and while this may be true, a lot of people had a lot of opinions and a lot of them were wrong! Pioneer DJ (the brand) is reportedly for sale, with it’s […]

Happy New Year from everyone at Djbox would like to wish all of our friends, ¬†families, customers and suppliers a very happy, healthy and safe new year. As we enter 2019, we hope it is a great year for you all! How has it been? 2018 was an exceptional year at Djbox for a number of reasons. It was our first […]