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Pioneer DDJ-SR Swan Flightcase - use in base model

EX VAT: €138.21


Flightcase designed especially for the Pioneer DDJ-SR

Manufactured in the UK by Swanflight.com
DDJ-SR can be operated whilst it is still in the case
1x Bespoke manufactured butterfly door gives access to the CD entry and both headphone sockets as well as allowing cables to be fed through the front of the case when open to the connections
Lid removes, fitted with 2x lift-off type hinges on rear
1 x Techno handle fitted to the left of the case
80mm space at the rear of the player for connections
Fully foam lined, protecting your equipment during transport
Ball corners
4x Small rubber feet bolted to the base of the case
Approx Weight 8.5Kg Hex/stucco/PVC finishes 7Kg Flightpanel
Approx external size 650mm(L) x 460mm(W) x 171mm(H)
Internal dimensions 554mm(L) x 300mm(W) x 65mm(H)

Full weight of case with unit inside approx 11.5Kg (using Pioneers offical figures), for case without sliding laptop shelf